Frank Flora


Frank Flora

Frank Flora is the founder of Frank Flora Accident and Body Repair shop in Jupiter, FL.

Frank Flora - Jupiter, FL


Frank Flora is the founder of Frank Flora Accident and Body Repair shop in Jupiter, FL. Frank Flora Accident and Body Repair is your premier auto body shop in Jupiter, FL. Run by our founder Frank Flora who recently moved to Jupiter, FL from Lexington, KY, Frank aims to provide the best accident repair shop in all of Jupiter.

Frank embarked on his career in the auto body industry right after completing his education, starting as an apprentice in a local garage. His natural aptitude for understanding complex mechanical systems, combined with a keen eye for detail, quickly propelled him through the ranks. Over the years, he honed his skills in various aspects of auto body repair, from simple dent removal to intricate structural repairs and paint jobs that require a high level of precision and artistry.

Driven by a vision to create a repair shop that stood apart in terms of quality, customer service, and integrity, Frank founded Frank Flora Accident and Body Repair Repair Shop. His business philosophy centres around providing exceptional service, transparent communication, and fair pricing. Under his leadership, the shop has grown to become one of the best in Jupiter, FL, known for its ability to restore vehicles to their pre-accident condition, if not better.

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